I think this blog could be better if you admins at least had a Kpop experience or something :/ or interviewed them or something like other sites have had experiences with the idols or have been to …

See on Scoop.itKorean Wave

While I understand where you’re coming from, we can’t help that we’ve never ‘had a kpop experience’ and I can’t say any of us will apologize for it?

Crystal “CeeFu” Anderson‘s insight:

Most global fans experience K-pop via the Internet. At the same time, a lot of K-pop occurs on the Internet: Instagram accounts, tweets, blogs, YouTube. Social media is the primary way that K-pop spread across the globe. Most global K-pop fans will not have a "Kpop experience" but this does not diminish their participation in K-pop, nor should it render their observations and opinions about K-pop as invalid. 

See on black-kpop-fans.tumblr.com

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