Is Nicholas Tse This Generation’s Andy Lau?

Quite the intriguing question! I’ve been thinking about this lately, and my conclusion is… At least not yet, but I think he may be on his way.

Let’s look: Andy Lau has a crazy successful music career, done his stint on the tv dramas, is a venerated actor and is just easy on the eyes overall.

Nicholas Tse has, from what I can tell, a good music career, done his stint on the tv dramas (and still is doing the tv dramas–good job!), is a good actor and, well, you’ve seen him. (Apparently so has all of Asia, having been voted as Asia’s Most Handsome Celebrity, according to a story on

My point is that both are multitaskers who multitask well.  Now, Andy Lau’s been around a while (luv u!), so he’s had time to develop quite the film career.  And anyone who’s seen a good sprinkling of his films know that he’s equal opportunity, meaning that he’ll star in anything:  from Infernal Affairs to Resurrection of the Dragon (don’t get me started). Andy Lau works so much I’d half expect him to show up as a toy in my cereal, and not sure that hasn’t happened somewhere in the world. Nicholas Tse needs time, he needs his own Infernal Affairs. I don’t know if he’s had it yet. Some might point to Bodyguards and Assassins. But he has time. Ok, it’s no secret that Nic Tse is my boo. I’d watch him in lots of stuff, LOTS of stuff.   I’m  willing to wait to see what he has to offer in the future.


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