Queen Seondeok: Episode 25

Yep, just one episode makes the difference!

First of all, when the Hwarang paint their faces, you know that it’s on! That’s just sassy! Now I LUV the guy who plays Archeon. That’s one righteous man! Yelling at the king to investigate the death of the princess! That’s what I’m talking about.

For several episodes now, I’ve been watching Deokman wallow in self-pity and walking around in the “I’m so helpless” trance.  But our girl is BACK!!! With a vengeance. It was worth it, because it is really on now. She is bent on getting that throne.  And I’ve noticed that as determined as she is is directly proportional to how weak the king is.  He’s really responsible for a whole lot of this, but I get the feeling he will make up for it soon, like in making her the heir to the throne. Really, who else is left?  And like any great person, she has to kick her love to the curb. Yushin, he’s cool and all, but he needs to get with the program. We got a kingdom to save!

Mishil continues to be as bad as she wants to be.  And just like I said, no one is safe: not her brother, and her son may want to watch out as well.  I’ve been trying not to cheat to see what happens in future episodes, but now that things have picked up, I can just go with the flow.

Deokman now has Yushin, Bidam AND Archeon with her.  See, that’s how I need to roll!  Which brings me back to my everpresent call for my own Hwarang. C’mon people! We can work on that health plan!

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