Queen Seondeok: 18-24

Ok, so I know when you sign up for the historical drama, you have to be patient and down for the long haul.  But for real, Deokman needs to get a grip! How many episodes did we endure her being in shock.  Chickie, you are part of the royal family and everybody and their mama is out to get you. Get it together!

At the same time, there were surprises that I’m not mad at.  Like I wondered what happened to Mishil’s son that she just left on the floor. I mean, you just can’t leave a baby on the floor in the royal palace, can you? Enter Bidam, who is a fool and a half. He is not quite right, but I like him. He’s the complete opposite of Yushin, who is all serious all the time and has that quintessential ability to not be able to communicate his feelings when he needs to the most. These two together, tho, is a treat to watch.  What’s even more of a treat to watch is Yushin, Bidam and (ofcourse) Archeon (he’s my boo) together.

However, I know this is the slow buildup to what I expect to be several high profile clashes with the Mishil’s side once Deokman returns to the capital and becomes queen or at least an acknowledged member of the royal family.  I have to admit, Mishil’s side up to this point seems to be more clever, ahead of the game, more bold.  I’m counting on the Korean penchant for revenge here: Deokman has to get Mishil for several things, including injuring her foster  mother, exiling her to the desert, torturing her, torturing her friends and last but not least, killing her sister.  Stay tuned!

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