Rock the Bells: Ding Dong Suckers!

So I’m finishing The Master of Tai Chi, and noticed just a passing shot that featured a large bell, which got me to thinking how prominently bells are featured in wuxia dramas. Surely there is something to this.

Need to stash your super secret kung fu manual? Carve it on the inside of a bell.  Not only is this the case in The Patriotic Knights, I also think this trick is used in the old school Return of the Condor Heroes ’83.

Wanna deliver some old school justice?  Put your adversary in a bell and set a fire like in  The Legendary Warrior. This move is particularly satisfying, but you gotta commit to watching the whole thing to find out why. Schnacky!

However much I may like the large bells, my favorite use of bells are small bells.  While our ninja friends may value stealth and secrecy, nothing beats the sheer coolness of wearing a bell, or several.  Romance of the Red Dust is NOT my favorite series, but I’ll watch that for dude with bells on his belt.  Which he rings just before he kills you.  Or chickie in… guessed it….The Patriotic Knights, whose staff has bells.  She can’t be more than a teenager, but I’ve seen her mess people twice her age up with that staff!

What do bells say?  They say, “I’m so bad, I don’t care if  you know I’m coming!”  Now, all I need to do is find some……..

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