Who Do You Want to Meet?: Actresses

Remember me telling you that while the actors were extremely difficult, the actresses would be easy?  Here we go……..

This barely merits deep thought:  Brigette Lin!  Booyah!

Don’t get me wrong, I like other actresses and even some of the starlets (i.e. who were those naked people in those pictures), but I will stop what I’m doing to watch Brigette Lin.  Here’s how deep it is: I will watch a Wong Kar Wai movie with Brigette Lin in it!

She just captures the screen like nobody, and nobody does the androgynous thing like Brigette. She not only makes you believe that women can be swordswomen, but they can be cool in the process.  There are just a few rules you have to remember.  Don’t lie to her (Bride with White Hair).  Don’t be a man and lie to her (Bride with White Hair 2).  Don’t mess with her musical instruments (Deadful Melody).  Keep it to the city (Dragon Inn).  Hands off her kung fu manual (Swordsman 2).

And it pains me that I have not seen Peking Opera Blues. Sniff.

She may not be the most prolific, but she is magic when she’s on the screen.

When I grow up, I want to be just…….like…….her.

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