Who Do You Want To Meet?: Actors

Recently, the New York Asian Film Festival announced that it would give a lifetime achievement award to, among others, Sammo Hung. I contemplated long and hard making the trek just to see the kung fu godfather, but alas, my plans would not allow.  But it got me thinking: who would I jump in a car, drive all night just to see, in the flesh?  The answers may surprise you. (This is actors; actresses and directors to follow).

First, let’s just get the biggies out the way.  If Andy Lau, either of the Tony Leungs, Anthony Wong, Louis Koo, Simon Yam, Leon Lai, Lau Ching Wan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li , Takeshi Kaneshiro, Chow Yun Fat, or Jackie Chan came knocking, I’m not going to protest.  So with the usual suspects out of the way, let’s get started.

Roy Cheung!   This man is one of the most underrated Hong Kong actor.  He takes those small parts he has, and turns them into GOLD!  The Mission? YES!  And how could I forget he was in Storm Riders (musta been blinded by the reflection off of Ekin Cheng’s hair).  The epitome of evil in one of those Young and Dangerouses (I lose count).  He’s one of my favorite people to see in a film.

Lam Suet!  Mostly because he is a chameleon, and I want to know what kind of Faustian bargain he’s made with Johnnie To to star in nearly every film he does.

Stephen Fung! He intrigues me.  While I know he has multiple careers going on, he takes on interesting roles.  I liked his character in All About Women.  He seems like an accessible guy. (Stephen, call me!)

Let’s be clear: I’m not turning down ANY opportunity to meet any of my Asian celluloid heroes, but these particular guys strike me as different.  The actors are difficult to narrow down. The actresses are remarkably easier.

So, who do you want to meet?

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