Can’t We All Just Get Along?: Kangin and Super Junior

The minute somebody says something about getting Kangin to leave, the mud-slinging starts (i.e. “you’re not a true fan,” “you’re an ANTIFAN!”). This is not confined to K-pop fandoms, but still. Why can’t we disagree and refrain from calling each other names? We all know this is not Kangin’s first trip to the trouble rodeo. Fans aren’t wrong when they say that his behavior has a negative effect on the team. At the same time, K-pop fans are very forgiving, and want to give him a second chance. See what I did there? That’s looking at the issue from both sides. No fans were hurt in the making of this post.

One thought on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?: Kangin and Super Junior

  1. Kangin is very likely an alcoholic. You rarely see people get multiple DUIs unless they have some kind of “drinking problem”. He might “lose his job” over this, a lot of alcoholics do lose their jobs because of their alcoholism. He’s a young man. He can get clean if there is treatment and a strong enough desire. Appears as though there will be plenty of time for him to “reflect” and perhaps change is lifestyle.

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