Talking to @BlackNerdJade About KPop and Its Reign In America…#GangnamStyle

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This is probably one of the best overviews of the appeal of Korean popular culture to Americans who are, as @BlackNerdJade puts it, those “in the know.”  


This shows that the Kpop subculture in the United States is fairly diverse, and the article identifes some of the things that American fans of Kpop and Kdrama find appealing.


There is the perennial question of “Will K-pop Crossover in the United States,” and I agree that YG may have greater appeal for mainstream America because it is so much like mainstream American music. However, many fans of K-pop like it precisely because it is not like contemporary American music, and as a result, may not be thrilled with only being offered more of what they already get on the American music scene.

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