Where is My Celebrity Boyfriend?

Dear Takeshi Kaneshiro,

I feels like forever since I’ve seen you. Like I could ever forget your face:


Don’t you remember how we met? I know you may want to forget Returner, but you should fondly remember that crazy film. I saw our potential even as you worked your way through the alien time travel. Don’t remember the subsequent good times?

The Warlords?

Red Cliff? This warrants a brief pause, because you KNOW my love of Zhuge Liang.


I even watched you in Fallen Angels and you KNOW how I feel about Wong Kar Wai. So where have you been?

While one might assume you have been up to no good, you clearly have been doing good stuff, starring in Peter Chan’s Wu Xia. Ok, let’s say it together: WU XIA! Just the name makes me giddy. And just when I think it can’t get any better, IT HAS DONNIE YEN ALSO! And just when I think my mind can’t take anymore. THEY TAKE IT OLD SCHOOL WITH JIMMY WANG!! Really?! YES, REALLY!

Don’t believe me? Look here! (I know since you are in the film you already know. I’m just telling the people).

How could I have ever doubted you? Ok, I will wait patiently for your return. The end of 2011 seems so far away. 😦

And it better be good. Just sayin’.

Luv U!