Chu Bei Jie. . . Is On My Mind!

Wallace Chung as Chu Bei Jie
Wallace Chung as Chu Bei Jie

I’m not going to lie. When I started General and I, I was not all that enthusiastic about the male lead character, Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung). Although I know he’s supposed to be our hero, he starts out doing some HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE things: his interaction with the Prince of Jing An’s family, the way he rolls up on Bai Ping Ting (rude!), and his overall smug attitude. And I know this is petty, but there was way to little warrior hair. He completely lacked the charm of Tuoba Jun in The Princess Weiyoung, which I just finished. However, with just one speech to his army sticking up for his girl, I like him! No matter what she does, he’s committed to her. He doesn’t care what his own king, the king of Yan or pouty Prince He Xia thinks. Plus, he’s got problems of his own in the palace in Jin. I got my eye on you, Bei Jie!

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5 thoughts on “Chu Bei Jie. . . Is On My Mind!

  1. Although I’m enjoying this show, the relationships are out of sync with those In the book. I think the difference is that in the book, Ping Ting is way more into He Xia – she is actively hoping to stay with him s his maid or his wife. In this version, she seems a bit more “I’m indebted to your family for adopting me” so she’s ready to find Bei Jie attractive even if she is working for He Xia.

    In fact, in the novel, He Xia started out as my favorite and then slowly rolled downhill to my least favorite but most pitied.

  2. Actually, the translated novel outlines the characters’ relationships much more clearly. Chu Bei Jie’s king brother is a lot more kingly, the battle strategies are a lot more tricky and Ping Ting is much more of a planner – although a meek, mild “ladylike” one.

    1. Meek and mild doesn’t bother me, but she does have to be smart. I just finished episode 26, and it just now seems that TeamRighteous is getting it together!

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