My Favorite…Solo Male K-pop Artists!

I’m back with another installment of My Favorites! This time, it’s solo male K-pop artists, the Kangta and Wheesung Edition. Wait! Before you even ask, “Where is [insert Rain, Park Hyo Shin, your favorite male solo singer, your cousin], these are male artists that I like. They are also primarily solo artists, not current members of groups with solo projects (that’s another post–I see you, Taeyang and Heo Young Saeng!). #sorrynotsorry


I’m willing to bet money that most people did not think that kid with the bob haircut in H.O.T would go on to not only be a successful solo artist, but one with such range. I love Kangta’s voice and his tendency to do a wide variety of musical styles. “Breaka Shaka” was the first solo song I liked by him. I liked the dance beat. But when I had my iTunes on shuffle and heard “Mabi[Paralysis]” I was like, who is this?! He also does well with slower songs. Moreover, Kangta will also venture into jazzier types of tunes like “Happy Happy” and “Blue Snow,” sounding like a Korean Sinatra.


Also known as “Real Slow,” I was real slow to catch on to Wheesung. My first favorite song my him is “Love is Delicious,” and for a long time I just left it at that. I listened to that to death, so by listening to the song, I didn’t venture to look for Wheesung videos. But then I fell into Wheesung-love with “Heartsore Story,” because SUITS and CHOREOGRAPHY, two of my favorite things in a music video! Similarly, I heard “Night and Day” once, and was hooked. Instantly. No turning back. There is something about his voice that is awesome. Wheesung is also not afraid to get some hip-hop in his songs, either.

I know there is more Kangta and Wheesung to discover and I am on that!


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