My Favoritest Favorite. . . Songs By Bias K-pop Groups!

I like a lot of K-pop groups (a LOT…of K-pop groups), but I have four bias groups (SS501, Shinhwa, SHINee and Super Junior), my favoritest favorites. I looked at my iTunes to see which songs by my bias groups I played the most. I was surprised!

SS501: UR Man, Deja Vu

It makes sense that SS501 is first. This group is my first love K-pop group, and like other Triple S, it doesn’t even matter that they are on an extended hiatus (THEY ARE NOT BROKEN UP!).  I’ve always liked SS501’s unassuming ways and brotherhood.  Still, I found it surprising that “UR Man” was not only the most played K-pop song in my library (1164), but the most played song of all the songs in my library. I must have this thing on infinite repeat! I love the video, because I like men in suits, so that, along with the choreography, made this popular with me.  Following closely behind is “Deja Vu” at 889 plays. The video has seizure-inducing quick cuts and bright lights. This is probably SS501’s most complicated choreography. Still, I love this song! It literally has too much stuff in it: choruses, rap, breaks, but it doesn’t matter.

Shinhwa: Brand New, Wild Eyes

Next up in the playcount is Shinhwa. Again, no surprise. Shinhwa are K-pop veterans, and they kept their promise to come back, paving the way for other K-pop groups to work together even as they pursue their other projects. Even without looking at the play count (751),  I knew it their most played song would be “Brand New.” I love this song, especially Dong Wan’s vocals. The choreography is one of the earliest that featured women prominently as back up dancers in K-pop videos with male groups.  Following closely behind is another classic Shinhwa song, “Wild Eyes” (337). I find this weird, because I don’t like the song all that much. However, the video and the “chair dance” are iconic for K-pop choreography.

SHINee: Up and Down, Love Like Oxygen

My most played SHINee song is “Up & Down” (668)! Not the most popular SHINee song, but I like it because it was one of the first songs I heard that featured Taemin’s vocals (so cute)!  It’s very upbeat with its playful sensibility, and the interplay between Taemin’s voice and Jonghyun’s voice is interesting. This song is followed by “Love Like Oxygen” in number of plays (383). I love Onew’s vocal parts on this song. It’s easily a favorite, a slower song that nevertheless sounds like SHINee.

Super Junior: Superman, L.O.V.E

This might be the most surprising result. Because I started with Super Junior M and then moved to Super Junior proper, many of the most played songs are Super Junior M songs. When I do get to Super Junior songs, “Superman” is the most played (531). What? I don’t even remember listening to this song very much. Still, I do like the interplay between the vocals and the rap in this song. The sound and the video are so epic! Having seen Super Junior in concert, the video definitely brings back memories of a dynamic show. Following this song is “L.O.V.E” at 243 plays. Some people may want to act like the Super Junior 05 album doesn’t exist, but I like it; L.O.V.E. is a pop song and Super Junior does this well.

So that’s it! Look forward to more Favoritest Favorite posts!

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