“Zhou Mi and Henry Are Not Official Super Junior Members…”

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And cue the storm. We’ve all been seeing the signs that Zhou Mi and Henry were getting a little more love from SM Entertainment: the two are more involved in Super Show 5, Henry is SME’s first male solo debut in 13 years, and Zhou Mi has been…

Crystal “CeeFu” Anderson‘s insight:

As the story brings out, there is a long history of ELFs (fans of Super Junior) making their voices heard when it comes to who is in and out of the group. But I wonder about the evidence that supportions the claim about who supports which side:  "Those supporting the main petition seem to be primarily from South Korea and China while those against it, as you could expect, were from Southeast Asia, Japan, and Western fans." One would have to do some research to support that claim with some evidence.

It’s hard to know (again, without doing some digging) how much of the ELF fandom the "only13" view represents. Several ELF fansites, like SGSJELFs, to name a couple) state that they support all the members regardless of subgroup affiliation. 

But even more importantly, the failure to contextualize the "only13" movement feeds into the misconception that fandoms operate on groupthink.  There’s always another side.  We might want to consider how other groups, and fandoms, navigate subgroups and solo careers.

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