Why Tiger JK Isn’t Racist, Shouldn’t Have Apologized, and How Psy Factors In | seoulbeats

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Amy writes about Tiger JK’s response to hecklers at a recent performance when asked to do the Psy dance. She does a good job of unpacking Tiger JK’s response.


The very incident that sparked Tiger JK’s response is evidence of how the way Asian masculinity factors into Psy’s response in the United States.  To ask Tiger JK, of all people, to do the Psy dance, suggests that the hecklers do not see significant distinctions among Asian men.  Tiger JK’s response suggests that, as an Asian man, he’s been subject to this kind of generalization far too many times.


Additionally, Tiger JK’s apology is equally significant, because he walks back his own generalization, without letting those who actually think Asian men are interchangeable off the hook. 

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