What I’m Listening To: “씨스루 (See Through),” Primary (feat. Gaeko and Zion T)

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Ever so often, I like to share what’s on heavy rotation on my iPod. It isn’t always the newest thing, or the most popular thing, but for some reason this is the stuff that I’m grooving to.  I make no distinction between idol and non-idol Kpop, popular and obscure, mainstream and indie. It’s just what I like, and some info about it. Maybe you might like it too.

What I’m Listening To

This time around, it’s 씨스루 (See Through)  by Primary, featuring Gaeko and Zion T, from Primary and the Messengers Part 3. I was at the end of my monthly allotment on Soribada, and decided to take a chance on Primary. I was especially excited when I saw that Gaeko from Dynamic Duo was featured on the track.

Who Does It

So, who is Primary and where has he been hiding? According to Leesa86, “Primary is a talented producer who has the ability to collaborate with many talented and unique artists to create fresh sounds of music, drawing new talents out of the artists that have never been seen before.” Paloma gushes, “the production in all of [the songs on the album] is flawless, and the instrumentation fantastic.”

I wish I could show you who Primary is, but my intrepid research skills have yielded little beyond the box on his head.  Despite this, and other groovy tunes, Primary remains much of an enigma.

Why I Like It

While Paloma calls the song funky, the bass-line strikes me as more smooth and groovy.  Verses strewn with lounge-like vocals are broken up by a variety of breaks. Mid-tempo raps punctuate the song in ways that do not disrupt the flow of the single.  It’s one of those songs that I instantly liked after hearing the 30-second preview.


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