What I’m Listening To: Mujugeon Haepiending (Stick Wit U)/Just Happy Ending (Stick Wit U), SNSD

Source: http://www.thekoreanstar.com/snsd-oh-album/

Ever so often, I like to share what’s on heavy rotation on my iPod. It isn’t always the newest thing, or the most popular thing, but for some reason this is the stuff that I’m grooving to.

What I’m Listening To

Mujugeon Haepiending (Stick Wit U)/Just Happy Ending (Stick Wit U), SNSD

How I Came to Listen to It

This was another instance of letting my iTunes shuffle taking me where it will.

Why I Like It

As a child of the ’80s, the sheer super-happy upbeat nature appeals to me. I can see why the SONEs like SNSD, especially when the pool the power of the Nine for stuff like this. People may complain that it is too saccharinely sweet, but I think it’s really a good example of what a pop song should do: hooks you from the first time you hear it, doesn’t drag on longer than necessary and doesn’t take itself  too seriously. It is the musical equivalent of cotton candy!

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