What I’m Listening To: The Moon’s Fall (달의 몰락), Ulala Session

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Ever so often, I like to share what’s on heavy rotation on my iPod. It isn’t always the newest thing, or the most popular thing, but for some reason this is the stuff that I’m grooving to.

What I’m Listening To

The Moon’s Fall, Ulala Session

How I Came to Listen to It

I was just browsing around on Soribada one day in the Charts section, randomly clicking on excerpts of songs, when I clicked on Ulala Session’s single, With You, which was the last song they performed on MNet’s Super Star K3, the Korean version of American Idol.  

Why I Like It

I snagged With You, but I instantly fell in LOVE what they do with Kim Hyun Chul’s The Moon’s Fall, which is on the compilation album, Superstar K3 Season 3 Top 11 Part 1.  It is definitely funky and really showcases their voices well.

Not to mention the story behind Ulala Session. Older than the typical Kpop group, they also revealed during Super Star K3 that one of their members, Lim Yoon-taek, was battling stage 4 stomach cancer, but they soldiered through to win the competition.

I also have to give props to my favorite Korean American academic, Ni’qua, for helping me find Kim Hyun Chul and the English title to his song.  Yeah, those PhDs are good for something!

Source: “Battling Cancer, Ulala Session wins ‘Superstar'” Han Cinema

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