Changes Coming to High Yellow

What, again? Yes, but it will make High Yellow even BETTER, or at least with more frequent new stuff.  I’m just migrating stuff from one of my many OTHER blogs here. So you’ll see more stuff, and still the same wacky wuxia, Asian film and popular culture stuff that you have come to love. This is absolutely not a cheap attempt for me to try yet another new WordPress theme either.

3 thoughts on “Changes Coming to High Yellow

  1. CeeFu, are you on Facebook? If you are then you might like to consider liking a page called Heroic Sisterhood – The Ladies Asian Action Cinema Appreciation Society. It is a page dedicated to Asian action movies and, while men are really welcome to contribute as honourary sisters, the intention of the page is really to carve out a space where women can talk about Asian action cinema. Bloggers are encouraged to link their blogs about action to the page. The page is exclusively about action, so, sorry, there wouldn’t be a demand for your blogs about your beloved kpop but I think people would love to read what you have to say about wuxia or other action films. Even if you’re not on facebook I might, if it’s OK with you, start posting links to some of your wordpress blogs?

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