NFT: Noonas For Taemin!

Originally published on KPK: Kpop Kollective on June 15, 2011 by CeeFu

Everyone knows that noonas the world over have a special relationship with SHINee, and particularly Taemin. I’m not talking about THAT kind of relationship! All noonas are not pedi noonas! As the maknae of SHINee, Taemin is the adorable center of the confection that is SHINee (yeah, Minho, I know you are in charge of aegyo, whatever).

Look, even Key mommy looks after Taemin. So easily does Taemin capture anyone’s heart, that we here at KPK we have dubbed him THE EVERYBOO, because he’s everybody’s boo!

So, I call on noonas from around the world to start a quasi-secret organization, and it will be called NFT, Noonas For Taemin! We would be like the Justice League, and when Taemin needed us, our sign would appear in the sky like the spotlight for Batman. Ok, I know don’t what our logo would look like, somebody would have to come up with one.  Ooh ooh, and we could have t-shirts and a secret gang sign!  And we’d roll like the Jedi, because “always there are two, a master and an apprentice.” Also, rolling in twos would be good for the noonas. Ok, here’s how it breaks down with Taeminnie. We all adore this Taemin:

Super cute smile sure to brighten up your day! This Taemin will give noonas candy. But then there is the OTHER Taemin. You know the one. THIS Taemin:

Yeah… in order for noonas to do their job properly, we need to roll in sets of two or more. Let’s face it, Taemin is a good-looking guy. At any age. But noonas only appreciate the pretty that is Taemin, at least until when the international countdown clock on Taemin’s age ticks down to legal……Ok, FOCUS! NOONAS LOOK OUT FOR TAEMIN! We do not take advantage of him like OTHER women will surely try to!

But you may ask, what does Taemin need to be protected from? And why are noonas the best people for the job?

Taemin needs to be protected from the crazy and evil of the world. He is such a sweet soul, going about his business, thinking about candy and puppies and rainbows, and then something like THIS busts out on the internet:  SHINee’s Little Taemin Gaining Weight?”  See, no. Do not try to give this boy a complex about his weight. He’s still growing, of course his appearance is going to change. He is perfectly fine any way that he is. THIS is why noonas need to protect Taemin. Only a noona would get all up in some stranger’s face over somebody she doesn’t even know. Remember, candy? That’s right. Noonas have a bond with Taemin and are tailor-made to be his protectors!

And, we could have adventures with our sidekick, Key mommy! Ok, let’s be real, we’d all be the sidekick to Key mommy. But still! Imagine us all united in purpose to protect Taemin! Now, all somebody has to do is tell Taemin and we can get this party started.

What do you think? 🙂

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