I Am Legend: 11-16

And no I didn’t forget about this kdrama.  In the end, I found it cute, if a little bit odd. Our heroine, Seol-hee achieves her dreams in the end, triumphing over the nasty ex-husband, who comes to see the error of his ways, the ambitious lawyer/mistress, and the evil mother-in-law. The Comeback Madonna experiences a level of success, complete with fans. Everyone’s happy.

Well, nearly everyone. I wonder why this kdrama bothers to even set up the expected love triangle and resolve it in such an unsatisfying way. Why give Seol-hee two options and have her choose neither? Are you trying to say that ahjumma’s don’t deserve love? WHAT???!!!!!!! Also, why imply that there is something between Tae Hyun and Kang, and then not explore it?  Sometimes I did find Seol-hee to be a bit TOO good. At some point, somebody would have caught a bottle to the head. And there is a lot of behavior that never gets addressed. Seung Hye does all sorts of evil things that just float on by. Threatens to take Tae Hyun’s child on a regular basis. If she is so in love with Ji Wook, what does she care who Tae Hyun dates and why? She just WANTS IT ALL. And what drives me crazy is that she really doesn’t think it’s over with Ji Wook.  Get the memo, sister. He’s dumping you. Actually, he’s been playing you for quite some time, you just don’t want to accept it.

Who I really ended up LOVING is Hwa Ja! I love the fact that she is loud, willing to beat somebody down. I love that they put her on bass, in short dresses and knee-high boots. I love that she’s a healthy girl, but doesn’t come off as “the fat one.”  I love that she’s a mom and a wife. She kinda stole the show somewhat when Seol-hee got boring.

So that’s it! Hmmmmm…..what will I watch next?

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