Running Out of Time (1999)

Watching Overheard has put me in the mind of some old-school Lau Ching Wan!  Let’s revisit the Double Lau-Lau Ching Wan and Andy Lau!  All month long, post your favorite comments about Running Out of Time!

Ok, I’ve watched the movie, and it just makes me fall for Andy Lau all over again. (Yes, I’ve got a BIG heart!).  I recall that this was my first Lau Ching Wan film, and instantly made me like him.  It holds up well. I thought I remembered what happened, and completely forgot about the Andy in drag scene.  Classic!

What I really like about watching it again is that I catch things I missed the first time, you know, because Andy Lau’s light is so bright.  But it’s a really smart film.  And unlike so many films these days, it doesn’t bog you down with backstory. Get with the program, and catch up!  You gotta watch this film to get it.  It doesn’t treat the audience like idiots.

So, watchu think?

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