JYJ: Taking the K Out of Kpop?

Warning: rant ahead!

You know I love my kpop, and should have been absolutely giddy with JYJ’s entre into the US (that means that other kpop bands may make the journey too–SS501, are you listening?!!?).  However, I heard a rumor that they are singing in English for their first US album. And that rumor turned out to be true.

I live in the US and I have to say this to my fellow Americans: YOU NEED TO STOP BEING LAZY AND GET YOUR KOREAN ON!!!!!  Not you, average American, I mean YOU, corporate executive who thinks you know what we want!

It is a myth that Asian entertainers need to translate their stuff to make Americans feel “comfortable.” The rest of the worldwide Kpop nation gets on the internet and gets their korean lyrics.  How else are you supposed to sing the songs in the car?  For real, that’s what you sign up for when you listen to Kpop. It’s not ALL about the pretty boys….

It’s the same mentality that keeps crazy good Asian movies from being release in the US. Who in the world is afraid of subtitles? Read people, READ!!!!  I should have been able to see Takeshi Kaneshiro in all his Zhuge Liang glory on the big screen! But noooooo, somebody made an executive decision that that can’t happen.

Let’s all take a collective deep breath, and step out of our comfort zones, shall we?

2 thoughts on “JYJ: Taking the K Out of Kpop?

  1. AMEN! They dont need to change to English just to make it here. So much is lost in translation. I will admit that I find it refreshing when they attempt songs in English but NO GROUP has ever dropped an English track that I’ve absolutely loved. The only group that even comes mildly close is Wonder Girls.. and thats not even that good.

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