Queen Seondeok: Episodes 14-17


I know what an irregular viewing schedule. This is just random observations. Here’s the scorecard:

I like Deokman, she’s savvy and determined. I like Yushin, especially when he suggests they just rage instead of running. Sometimes that’s the answer.  Cheongmyeong is doing her best to wrestle with Mishil.  I have come to the realization that I like Archeon (this has everything to do with the actor who plays him). He was quite arrogant at first, but it now seems he just has a great sense of righteousness. Now, he’s my kinda man!  (I’m still taking applications for my own personal Hwarang. I wonder why no one has applied? Is it because I’m not offering a health plan?)

Mishil is quite the villain, and I surely appreciate her for that. She is masterful in manipulating those around her, sensing plots against her and pointing out stupid when she sees it.  Her brother is a sneaky snake, and like her, I appreciate him for it.

This is great! We have so many episodes to go.  I want Deokman to become queen so that we can really get this party started. I accidentally saw some trailer with previews of upcoming episodes. I know I keep saying it, but this is going to be good.

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