Queen Seondeok: Episodes 1-13


I admit, I had been putting off watching this, mostly because I wanted to see some sword-slinging action by the queen, but can’t recall actually hearing about that. I thought it was going to be all boring. WRONG!!!  When did I know I was going to commit to the full 62-episodes? When I realized this wasn’t your typical king-queen-princess kind of show. Eventually, there is going to be a beatdown and a showdown between the women.

But like any historical epic, you gotta wait.  So far, I’m most taken by the Hwarang (yes, I’m still taking applications), yes that incredibly good looking group of elite young male warriors who are under who? Under a woman–the wonhwa (see, it even lets you get your Korean on).  So we got Mishil, the royal consort, wreaking havoc because the men don’t dare cross her, and Princess Cheonmyeong, who after some ambivalence, decides she’s going to tangle with Mishil. But we know the star of the show is Deokman, the future queen. Except right now she’s passing for a man among the Hwarang.  Really, after like five years, they don’t notice? For real?  She may be the weakest, but Deokman does wield a sword in battle (yay!) and she has the most sense, and she’s not afraid to get up in her superiors’ faces if they are not being righteous.  She is smart, and sassy. I like her.

The political intrigue is off the chain, and even I like the nice outfits and big hair.  How can I rock that look everyday?  Right now, our heroes are trying figure out the source of Mishil’s power. I’m waiting for the big reveal, because Deokman doesn’t know she’s the king’s daughter or Cheonmyeong’s sister and hasn’t really started to tangle with Mishil.

Also, I find it intriguing how transnational this drama is.  We see there are different kingdoms in Korea, then they take it to China in the desert, where we find folks who have been to Rome. Nice!

Ok, next update in a few more episodes!!!

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