Taking it Back!: Dragon Inn (1992)

It’s been a while….let’s watch a film together!

So Tsui Hark, in true George Lucas style, has decided to revisit something he’s already done, fairly well.  While we wait for the “New and Improved Dragon Inn,” let’s see what’s up with the 1992 movie.  He’s cast Jet Li and Xun Zhou (she was in the 2003 version of Legend of the Condor Heroes playing Huang Rong, this might not be a bad thing), but they got BIG shoes to fill.  Let’s see!  Comments are welcome all month long!!!!

3 thoughts on “Taking it Back!: Dragon Inn (1992)

  1. As a big Jet Li fan I will be looking forward to the upcoming Dragon Inn. But I also really loved the 1992 version – it was a lot of fun. Maggie Cheung, in particular, was outstanding

  2. Oh snap! First of all, how could I forget those cold-blooded those eunuchs! Donnie’s on the screen I know a total of like 15 minutes, and he makes it count. Maggie Cheung needs a medal for smack talk!

    This movie is fabulous, and will be a great addition to my class on wuxia next year. It gives a really good look at how powerful the eunuchs are, and how different life is when you are out from the center of power and civilization. Life in the desert is rough. Watch out for the food!

    Last but not least, there is my GIRL, Brigette Lin! If I ever have to chop off someone’s head, I want to be cool like her!

  3. I reckon someone should write a book about eunuchs in kung fu movies – they are a fascinating sub class of characters that are unique to the genre. I just rewatched Tai Chi Master which also has an evil eunuch. Donnie Yen is great as the head eunuch in Dragon Inn. Brigitte Lin is also superb – she is such an interesting actress and attracted some very quirky parts in some fascinating films, it seems. I have also seen her in Warriors from Zu Mountain, the Bride with White Hair 1 & 2, and Swordsman 2 where SHE gets to play a eunuch.

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