It’s times like these where I want to pack it up and move to the other side of the planet.  This week sees the release of two films I want to see, as well as my discovery of a trailer of a third upcoming release!

So, who wouldn’t want a sequel to Fist of Fury, even forty-odd years after the fact? Bring on Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen!

The genius, the brilliance of this, is the pimp-slap to the impending Green Hornet movie with the mask.  I’ve been waiting for Chen Zhen to come back for years!  You know my luv for Donnie, and I’m satisfied that he’s doing the action direction, and Andrew Lau is directing.  Color me happy!

While searching for that, I had heard tell of this other movie, starring Andy Lau, Nic Tse and Wu Jing. IMDB had been keeping it under wraps, but that’s what the ‘net is for!  Bring on Shaolin!

See, that’s all you had to say: Andy Lau, Nic Tse, Benny Chan directing and Corey Yuen choreographing.  Did I mention the cameo by Jackie Chan, whom I’m being more nice to these days?  This isn’t due in theaters until January 2011, so longer anticipation!

Speaking of Andy Lau, eagerly awaiting the release of Tsui Hark’s Detective Dee and the Mysterious Flame.

That’s right, I don’t speak Chinese, but I know I’m going to see it anyway! It’s like CSI waaaaaaaaaay back in the day. In my opinion, Hark can be uneven with his work, but this is his thing!  And, I’ve long been of the opinion that anyone gets better looking in a goatee (go Andy! call me!).

So, I sit in anticipation.  Sure, they look good. All these movies may suck, but I’m no professional critic.  The only standard that counts is mine: do I like it? And I like a lot of stuff.  Then there’s the academic part: is it significant for various reasons? Again, this covers a lot of stuff. For example, last week I didn’t like The Good, The Bad and the Weird, but I think it is significant in its translation of the Western to Korean culture via a film set in Manchuria.  You know I’ll watch it regardless and report back.

Until then, me……anticipating!

4 thoughts on “Anticipation!

  1. I am going to see the first film this Wednesday, I hope. I am not a Bruce Lee fan and the jingoism of Fist of Fury didn’t appeal to me. I liked Jet Li’s Fist of Legend a lot. I have high expectations of the Donnie Yen film, as I think he’s very good.

    1. I too am curious as to what they plan to do with the anti-Japanese sentiment, since it is so much a part of the Fist of Fury ethos. Jet Li sidestepped it in Fist of Legend. I really like Donnie Yen (except for Ballistic Kiss, which makes him look WAY older than his years). I like his passion about the action film. He’s serious!

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