What I’m Listening To: “Hey Boy,” Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

“Hey Boy” is from Wonder Girls’ 2012 mini-album Wonder Party.

Image: MsAudreyC. “I is for Idols.” MsAudreyC. 13 Apr 2016. https://msaudreyc.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/i-is-for-idols/ (28 Jul 2017)

ICYMI: Ethnicity, Glamour and Image in Korean Popular Music

Lee Hyori, Promo Image, Monochrome
Lee Hyori, Promo Image, Monochrome

The 1960s girl group concept makes regular appearances in K-pop. While some think that this kind of image represents a lack of ethnic identity in a quest for mainstream acceptance, I suggest that the 1960s girl group image promoted by women of color represents an ethnic glamour aesthetic.

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