K-pop and Hip Hop

While we can all agree that hip-hop has had an impact on K-pop, we don’t all agree on what that impact is.  Some writers tend to define hip-hop solely in terms of oppression and discrimination experienced by African Americans. This reduces the complexity of the experiences of African Americans, distorts the genre of hip-hop,  and potentially simplifies any analysis of K-pop and hip-hop.

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Dancing in the Street: Choreography in Kpop

TVXQ, Wae (Keep Your Head Down)(screen capture); Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djJb5iSL0Do

Dance is a huge part of mainstream Kpop, and while many recognize the dances popularized by the groups and artists, few know the people behind them: the choreographers. Not only do choreographers impact Kpop through their routines, they also have an impact on fans as well.

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Gentlemen, Gangsters And The Guys Next Door: The Many Faces Of The Male Kpop Idol «


I know you have heard about the “4D personality”, but what about the “3G idol”?

That’s what I call certain idols who manage to be gentlemen, gangsters and the guys next door without making you scratch your head. Some people say that all idols are the same, but the ability of certain male idols to present a variety of images makes them stand out and shows the many different ways one can be a man…….click on the link below to read more: 

Gentlemen, Gangsters And The Guys Next Door: The Many Faces Of The Male Kpop Idol «.

Published on hellokpop.com on July 2, 2011.

Taeyang IS Jay Park!

Originally published on KPK: Kpop Kollective on June 10, 2011 by CeeFu

We have a theory here at KPK, and I think the world should know. We believe that Taeyang IS Jay Park. Have you ever seen them together? Yeah, think about it. Hmmm, Taeyang is a Korean artist who raps and works out a lot (we can tell, look at this picture! you don’t get abs like that unless you got a lot of time on your hands and you are on a mission)

Stay with me…..soooo Jay Park is a Korean artist who raps and works out a lot (that’s a “I’ve been working out in the prison yard” physique. C’mon, where else can you get your tats and abs on?)

See! You can’t even tell that’s Jay Park (because, you know, it’s Taeyang, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!).

Really, I tease with love. But Jay Park’s album cover for “Take a Deeper Look” does bring up some interesting issues. Not only can you not tell it’s Jay Park/Taeyang, but you can’t even tell that this person is Korean. He’s definitely working a 50 cent kinda thing here. This could be my cousin. He could be anybody’s cousin. I guess that’s why he wants us to take a deeper look!

But is it intentional, to gain more support for Jay Park for people who may think they may not be into an Asian rapper? Just sayin’. Something to think about.

Meanwhile I just wonder how Jay Park and his other personality Taeyang split their profits! 🙂