I Am Legend: Episodes 3-4


Um, who goes to divorce court in hot pants? Ok, maybe they aren’t hot pants, and I know Seol-hee’s wardrobe choices are supposed to represent the freedom she now has as she pursues the rock star lifestyle, but the beginning of the courtroom proceedings were a bit, um, unrealistic?

I don’t know why I’m always amazed at how nasty the mother of sons can be in a kdrama!  Ji Wook’s mother is CRAZED!!!!  I can understand the importance they may place on having a son to be an heir, but does she have to treat Seol-hee like a dog? ALL THE TIME?  And he is no better. He just can’t let well enough alone. He doesn’t want a divorce, he wants a divorce, he wants a divorce and wants to shut Seol-hee up. Hey, why don’t you leave the country to make my life easier. And just when she was about to give in, he (of course) shows his mean self.  I DESPISE the way he talks to her. It’s not just I need you to make a baby. It’s the condescension. Um, Ji Wook, that’s your girl….she wasn’t all “eeewwww” when you got her pregnant! What else is a girl supposed to do but fight back?

And then there are the girls-who-aren’t-girls-girls. That’s right, I’m talking about you, Ran-hee. You are a spoiled brat in need of a beatdown. It’s just all about you. No wonder you have no friends. Even willing to use a friend’s misfortune to make yourself feel better.  Soo-in had your number, early!  And if she wasn’t enough, there is Seung Hye, who doesn’t seem to be over her husband, who is our requisite cutie, Tae Hyun. He’s not bad to look at; I will spare you my shout out to my most recent favorite kdrama man. Ok, NOT!!!!!  STILL lovin’ on Lee Seung Hyo!

I also like how Seol-hee’s girls have her back.  This is excellent!!!  I’ve been there: your friends are engaged in questionable behavior on your behalf, and you get convinced it is a perfectly legitimate thing to do!

I wonder how long the divorce will take?

I Am Legend: Episode 1-2


Ok, you had me at Girl. Rock. Band.  But it’s a kdrama, so there must also be some slaptastic tension going on, usually between some man and some woman.  Oh, but there’s more.

So it  doesn’t start with the girl rock band. It starts with Seol-hee, trapped in a loveless marriage of her own making. And you can see the repression in the first scenes.  Her hair is pulled back so tight it could snap! She literally can’t say anything.  All she is supposed to do is smile and shut up.  Then you see the other side of her, ’cause karaoke brings that out of you.  Once she put a knot in her evening gown, put her 5-inch high heel up on the tabIe, and told two guys she would beat them both at the same time, I knew I was going to like her.

I give her props, she embraces her choices, no whining or complaining.  She puts up with her hateful mother-in-law and her punk-of-a-husband Ji Wook.  But she’s drawing the line when they actually think she is going to be a baby maker instead of saving her sister who has cancer. Seol-hee is like, “Peace out!”  Now of course it won’t be that easy.  Ji Wook, who has political aspirations, won’t give her a divorce. But I think that Seol-hee is about to give her husband’s family a run for their money.

And that would be cool in itself, but there are the other girls in the band. These aren’t teeny-bopper chicks with dreams of making it big. These are ladies who have seen what life has to offer, and still have that exuberance of the young. Especially Hwa-ja.  I know you’ve heard me stay it a million times: SHE’S MY GIRL!!!  Eager sidekick of Seol-hee.

Um, yeah, and there is some attractive guy in here too. I’m sure we’ll get more on him later.

Yeah, you had me at girl rock band.