Raison D’etre

I’m just going to put it out there….I’m a black woman living in the United States who loves Asian film.  While I can’t approach the encyclopedic knowledge of my Hong Kong film big brothers Kozo and Sanjuro at Love HK Film (much love to the masters!), I do know a little something.  I’m not who people think of as the typical fan of Asian film, but I know that the actual audience for Asian film goes beyond the guys and includes all colors.  This is a space for anyone wanting to discuss Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese film, especially those of us living in the United States.  It’s  a little different for us. We can’t just go down the street to catch the newest John Woo film, so we are never on the cutting edge. Instead, we live in the land of Hollywood, and while I love the big summer blockbuster film, I also love my Asian film, which just isn’t as available.  But, armed with a region-free DVD player, we do ok.  This is a place for us (and every other fan of Asian film ) to do what we love to do:  talk about Asian film!.     So let’s talk!