Moody K-dramas and their Moody Leads

Dramatic music. Shadowy settings. Mysterious villains. This can only mean one thing: a moody K-drama! I love my romantic comedies, sageuks and melodramas, but I have a special place in my heart for the police story, especially the “special task force,” the detectives-not-detectives, the “we don’t exist” teams found in K-dramas. More importantly, I love their dramatic, moody male leads.

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K-drama Characters to Love and Loathe

We all watch K-dramas to see the actors we like, but if you’ve watched enough K-dramas, you may have noticed that certain actors frequently show up in strong supporting roles. As a result, some actors gain a reputation for playing good guys, and others gain a reputation for portraying punks. Here are some of my favorite K-drama actors who play characters to love and loathe!

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Cha Gun Woo…….Is On My Mind!

Kim Bum as Cha Gun Woo
Kim Bum as Cha Gun Woo

And not in a good way. Dude, we GET IT! You are carrying a grudge because someone killed your girlfriend. I like how at the beginning we are reminded that this is a fictional work. Of course it is, because no one could be as angsty as Cha Gun Woo (Kim Bum) in real life! He’s more upset than the girlfriend’s brother. And this stunt in Episode 9? That would get you more than kicked off the team. And here I was just about to forgive you for that unflattering haircut and straggly facial hair!

Park Sung Woong. . . Is On My Mind

Park Sung Woong
Park Sung Woong

Team Leader Jang Moo Won (Park Sung Woong) is holding it down and too cool for school in Hidden Identity. If he told me I could fly a plane or do brain surgery, I would totally believe it. Now, if we could only get Cha Gun Woo (Kim Bum) to smile, it would be all good!

Allow me to elaborate. You see this look? Yes, THIS LOOK!! That look is the epitome of, “whatever.” It doesn’t matter what the situation is. He’s so cool about it! Pressure from the higher-ups? Whatever. Team members in danger? Whatever. Staring down some thugs in a junkyard? WHATEVER! Team Leader Jang can handle it!

He also believes in his team members. He trusts that they are handling things. In return, they trust Team Leader Jang, even when it doesn’t look too good for him. Teamwork!