CeeFu, Where is the Asian Film?

Hey, it’s not my fault. Ok, it’s a little my fault, but not mostly my fault. It’s Netflix’s fault! At first, I thought it was my imagination. I was doing other things and my film watching habits suffered a bit. But then when I really investigated, I found out the truth:  Netflix has not updated its Hong Kong film list! The last film is from 2009. Let’s be real: we know there’s been films released in Hong Kong since 2009! For real, and the other Asian regions are even worse!

But that’s not all. I was in the middle of watching the Shaolin series with Sammo Hung, not even in the middle, on the first disc, and Netflix informs me that the other discs are “unavailable.” Wha?

I don’t know what has happened to Netflix. Can’t get new stuff. Can’t get old stuff. It’s putting a serious crimp in my Asian movie watching. I don’t want to get all illegal with it: those people work hard to make those films. So my Asian film watching will have to be limited to my disposable income, and legal online watching venues.

But that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t coming down the pike. Can you say Shaolin (the movie, you know with Andy Lau and Nic Tse?)? Can you say Blades of Blood? Can you say Stool Pigeon? Netflix, you will not stop MEEEEEEEEE!

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