What I’m Listening To: 드라마 Drama (feat. Kim Sung-Kyu) by Primary

“드라마 Drama (feat. Kim Sung-Kyu)” is on Primary’s Pop EP (2017). As most people know, Primary (Choi Dong Hoon) is one of my favorite producers, working most often with musical acts on the Amoeba Culture label. With this release, however, he’s leaving his usual hip-hop environment to bring his groovy goodness to more pop-oriented fare. For “Drama,” he teams up with INFINITE‘s Sung Kyu. “Drama” blends Primary’s reliable rhythm-driven instrumentation with Sung Kyu’s melodious vocals that seem to have a bit more swing to them than with his work with INFINITE and his solo work. This is definitely working for me.

The What I’m Listening To series seeks to share deeper cuts and tracks that may be overlooked with the goal of expanding perceptions and enjoyment of K-pop music. 

1theK. “[MV] Primary(프라이머리) _ Drama (Feat. Kim Sung-Kyu)(드라마 (Feat. 김성규)).” YouTube. 30 Aug 2017. https://youtu.be/Z3QKQvaCJa8 (17 Jun 2018).

J.K. “Update: INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals More Photos For “10 Stories” Comeback.” soompi. 13 Feb 2018. https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/13/watch-infinites-sunggyu-reveals-first-teaser-comeback/ (17 Jun 2018).

“Primary(4).” Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/artist/1681239-Primary-4 (17 Jun 2018).


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