I Am Legend: Episodes 9-10

So the actual divorce proceedings in court were BAD! Where does such nastiness come from? And Ji Wook just sat there and let his witchy lawyer/girlfriend lie in court.  I guess this is why nobody likes lawyers. The mother-in-law gave an excellent performance, portraying someone who actually cares. I wonder if the judge bought her act.  In the end, our heroine does not play dirty, gets her divorce but no money.

Ji Wook does not understand that he has still not learned his lesson. So even though the trial is over, he must feel bad. You paid absolutely no attention to Seoh-hee while you were married, yet you just can’t stay away: meeting her at a cafe to try to give her money (and still insisting she live a quiet life–you are a moron, aren’t you?), showing up at the ER, representing the company that her lawyer is suing. When will you get the hint, Ji Wook? You got unfinished business!!

What is delicious, though, is that Seung Hye is about to get hers. Oh not right now, but she’s about to become used and abused by the Family. I guess she thought that they’d be grateful that she got Ji Wook through the divorce unscathed, but Mama ain’t having that. She’s already told Ji Wook in no uncertain terms that he needs to move on, and not move on to Seung Hye. She is also a moron, and can’t take the hint (maybe they do belong together), because she is still acting like they are destined to be together.  He’s about to treat you like he treated Seol-hee.  Get a grip!

Meanwhile, it now looks like Seol-hee is going to be plucky lawyer assistant by day, rock band maven by night.  Good luck with that!

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